DCCA Board Resolution in support of funding for Garrison Elementary School


WHEREAS, the building and grounds of Garrison Elementary School, situated at 1200 S Street Northwest, have not been substantially modernized or restored since the school was built in 1964; and


WHEREAS, Garrison serves students from our Dupont Circle neighborhood as well as other neighborhoods such as Logan Circle, U Street Corridor, and Shaw; and


WHEREAS, Garrison was on a list of District of Columbia Public Schools to be closed from November 2012 through the spring of 2013, when DCPS decided to keep it open; and


WHEREAS, the faculty, staff, and parents at Garrison developed a comprehensive analysis of why Garrison is important to the District’s public education and a plan for meeting its anticipated needs including increased enrollment, language immersion, playground repairs and improvements, and academic improvement, and


WHEREAS, Dupont Circle Citizens’ Association and other neighborhood associations and neighbors have supported the proposed modernization of Garrison; and


WHEREAS, the District agreed to modernize the school in one project starting in 2015 or2016 instead of in a disruptive three-phased project ending after 2022; and


WHEREAS, the District has programmed $40 million for modernization of Garrison and recently cut the allocation to $20 million; and


WHEREAS, $20 million is insufficient for the total project, and will lead to disruptive phased modernization and/or incomplete efforts as school enrollment grows;


NOW, THEREFORE, the Board of Directors of the Dupont Circle Citizens’ Association urges the Council, in acting on the Budget Support Act in coming days, to support the full $40 million allocation for the prompt and complete modernization of the Garrison Elementary School’s building and playground.


ADOPTED, this 25th day of June in the year 2015.


Resolution in Support of Church Street Neighbors and Historic St. Thomas Church Ruins and Park


Today, forty years after their church was destroyed by fire, St. Thomas Parish is preparing to rebuild.  In order to afford to do so, they will sell some of their land (approx 2/3 or 10,000 sq ft) including the beautiful park that has for decades provided a place of consolation, contemplation and celebration.

A few years ago, neighbors unhesitatingly supported a different, low-impact church design St. Thomas put forward. That plan failed for financial reasons not shared with neighbors in a way that might have allowed them to assist or help plan a viable alternative.  

The new plan is for a massive residential building and church, out of character with the historic neighborhood at 70 feet, occupying nearly the full footprint, and infringing on neighbors' light and air. Underground parking below the full site is at odds with the city's sustainability goals for reducing use of cars and collecting storm runoff. 

Most importantly, the neighborhood will lose a treasured green space.  Neighbors feel that a recently released Master Plan for the District's Parks provides a rationale to purchase the land for public use, if the Church cost can be  that will allow the church to rebuild as planned.


Finally, according to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the St. Thomas Church Ruins and Park are a rare example of such in the United States.



Whereas the findings of the preamble are accepted by members of the Dupont Circle Citizens Citizens Association at its Annual Meeting on Monday May 5, 2014;


Therefore be it resolved, that DCCA request of Mayor Vincent Gray, Deputy Mayor Bibi Otera, Ward Two Councilmember Jack Evans and other District Officials, as necessary, that they explore with St. Thomas Church Parish and with the Church Street neighborhood the purchase of property at 18th and Church Street, NW owned by St. Thomas, to permit them to rebuild, while retaining the ruins and a portion of the land as a public park, pursuant to the city’s stated goals for sustainability and for parkland expansion, and in view of the rare historic aspect of the church ruins and park.

Resolution in Support of Kalorama Citizens Association Request to Extend the Adams Morgan Moratorium


Be it resolved that the Dupont Circle Citizens Association supports the Kalorama Citizens Association’s request to extend the Adams Morgan Moratorium, specifically with regard to “overconcentration” as it relates to noise.

Recommendation to Reject Zoning Re-Write; Request for Neighborhood Planning

Whereas, the Dupont Circle Citizens Association finds that the Zoning Re-Write fails to achieve its stated purposes of simplifying and clarifying the existing zoning code, and aligning it with the Comprehensive Plan;

And whereas, we find a need for planning at the neighborhood level, that takes into account local situations and established institutions, as well as new trends, in order to achieve the desired outcomes, which vary from neighborhood to neighborhood;

And whereas, the Director of the Office of Planning who undertook this effort has left the District government.

Therefore, be it resolved that the Dupont Circle Citizens Association recommends rejecting the Zoning Re-Write as currently proposed, and instead returning to the original aims of simplification, clarification, and alignment with the Comprehensive Plan;

And further, DCCA recommends that the new Director of Planning conduct neighborhood planning, guided by the American Institute of Certified Planners protocols,  to include meaningful participation by local civic associations and ANC’s, as well as other groups of standing such as (in Dupont Circle) Historic Dupont Circle Main Streets and the Dupont Circle Conservancy.  

Proposed by the Regulatory Committee and passed unanimously on April 7, 2014, by the membership of the Dupont Circle Citizens Association, at a duly noticed meeting with a quorum attendance

Martin Luther King Jr. Library Resolution

On this third day of June 2013, at a regularly scheduled and duly noticed membership meeting of the Dupont Circle Citizens Association, with a quorum present, the Association resolved to support the Dupont Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC2B) in its call for the creation of a Citizen’s Task Force on the Future of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial (Central) Library.


In addition, the Association advises the DC Council to revise the Budget Support Act of 2013,  by striking entirely items 1-3, under Reporting Requirements,  Sec. 9014 District of Columbia Public Library (on pages 150-151), and updating item 4 to include the creation of a Citizens Task Force as described in the aforementioned ANC resolution. The Association advises that items 1-3 be incorporated into the Budget Support Act of 2014 (next year)) by which time item 4, having been implemented and carried out, will provide the information necessary for the fulfillment of items 1-3 according to the terms stated in the Budget Support Act of 2013. 

Reference: Budget Support Act FY2014

Garrison Elementary School Resolution

We, the members of the Dupont Circle Citizens Association, mindful of our connections to the Garrison Elementary School and its essential contributions to the citizens of the District of Columbia, urge our leaders to commit funds for complete modernization in fiscal years 2014 and 2015 instead of implementing the project over nine years.  We assign our executive board to communicate this resolution to the Council before the final budget vote on June 18, 2013.



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