Regulatory Committee

Lance Salonia, Chairperson

The appropriate mixture of public space, residential space, and business space continues to be a priority for DCCA. This Committee monitors space issues and makes recommendations to the Board for any action deemed appropriate when changes are proposed to space used by our residents. This Committee also looks into alcoholic beverage licensing issues and advises DCCA on potential problems

Regulatory Updates

Liquor Board Limits Nightclub Noise


Major Victory for Residents Living Adjacent to Noisy Neighbors


In a welcome victory for District of Columbia residents living near nightclubs, the District’s Alcohol Beverage Control Board issued a decision earlier this week that signals a change in the Board's position on outdoor music.  The case concerned the license renewal for Ozio Martini and Cigar Lounge, 1813 M St. NW, located in the area south of Dupont Circle along Connecticut Avenue known as “Club Central."

The decision found that high levels of noise coming from Ozio's open rooftop dance club was "unreasonable."  The Board therefore banned Ozio from having live bands on its roof and ordered Ozio to take additional steps to control its noise levels: it must close its roof when a DJ or other entertainment is performing and reduce the volume of its amplified music so that it cannot be heard in any residence.

The residents of two condominium buildings south of the circle were represented by DC Nightlife Noise Coalition co-founders Sarah Peck and Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Abigail Nichols.  They have been working with the Dupont Circle Citizen's Association (DCCA) and other community groups to reduce roof deck noise through improved enforcement of the DC Noise Control Act. DCCA President Ramon Estrada and former Chairman of the ANC 2B ABRA Policy Committee commented that "the ABC Board is finally doing its job to enforce the noise laws that are already on the books to protect nearby residents. We look forward to using this precedent-setting case in future testimony before the board."


“The Board’s ruling in the Ozio case, in particular the provision that the Ozio must close its roof when DJ's are playing music, is a victory for long-suffering Dupont Circle residents,” said Peck. “The Board's message for club operators is clear: outdoor music near where people live must be controlled.  Clubs must close their windows, doors, and roofs, and turn music down to legal, non-disturbing levels.”

Nichols pointed out that the decision allows room for residents and businesses to co-exist. “The hospitality industry makes Dupont Circle a lively place to live. This ruling protects the right of residents to enjoy the peace and quiet of their homes while allowing clubs to operate so long as they control noise levels, especially in outdoor spaces."

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