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Inviting new Treekeepers. DCCA promotes the use of ooze tubes and recognizes Dupont Circle residents and businesses who actively care for trees. For a free ooze tube for a street tree or residential tree, contact Robin Diener, robinsdiener (AT) gmail (DOT) com.  The ooze tube setup will be done for you. Afterward you must continue to care for the tree, by refilling the ooze tube with water every two weeks. The map below, prepared by Ingrid Peterson, shows where Treekeepers already are caring for neighborhood trees. DCCA Treekeepers on Facebook. 


Tree Box Beautification Guidelines from DDOT Urban Forestry Administration

DDOT has developed guidelines in accordance with D.C. Law 8-21, the “Tree Space Beautification Regulation Act of 1989.”

What is a Tree Box?

A tree box is the unpaved area of public space that lies between the curb and the sidewalk, commonly reserved by the DC Government for planting trees. Some tree boxes are individually squared off for each tree, and some continue for the entire block. In continuous boxes, beautified area should be no longer than 9 feet with 6 feet separating each area.


Use plants that have a shallow root system such as lirope, flowers, other annuals. Plants should grow no taller than 18 inches. (No Junipers) Do not let plants grow over the edge of the box or extend over the curb of the sidewalk; within 3 feet of a crosswalk or bus stop; or within 6 feet of an alley entrance or street corner.


For the safety of people exiting their cars, borders should not be placed on the curbside of the tree box. Borders should not be less than 4 inches or greater than 12 inches high from the curb elevation. Wickets and tripping hazards are prohibited.


Tree box beautification, performed in accordance with these guidelines and D.C Law 8-21, does not require a permit. It is undertaken solely at the “personal risk” and expense of the abutting property owner. The property owner is then responsible for continued care and maintenance.DC can enter the tree box for construction or maintenance activities. DDOT will give notice to the abutting property owner if removal of beautification materials in the tree box is required so that the owner can remove plants and materials prior to work. DDOT is not responsible for replacing plants.

The grade or height of the tree box shall not be changed, except with organic mulch. When adding mulch, please keep mulch away from the trunk of the tree. The use of gravel or other stone as a ground cover is prohibited.

Plant Recommendations for Tree Boxes (courtesy of DCGreenworks) 

Shade Loving Annuals: Impatiens, begonia, sweet alyssum, coleus, petunias.

Sun Loving Annuals: Geranium, scarlet salvia, marigold. Spring Flowering Bulbs: Crocus, glory-of-the-snow, tulips, daffodil. Perennial Groundcover: Liriope (monkey grass), creeping phlox, pachysandra, sweet woodruff.

DDOT may remove tree beautification efforts that are not in compliance with D.C. Law 8-21 or that are inadequately maintained “with sufficient notice”. 

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