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Founded in 1922 in a townhouse at 1767 P Street, to promote and protect the interests of the residents, the Dupont Circle Citizens Association is the premier civic and residential organization in the Dupont Circle area.

October Membership Meeting

Monday October 1st, 7:30 PM

International Student House

1825 R Street NW

Our first membership meeting of Fall 2018 will feature Interim School Chancellor Amanda Alexander, known to Duponters as a former principal of our own Ross Elementary. Read her DCPS bio here.

Ms. Alexander is understandably pressed at this time of year and we are delighted she will be able to speak to us. In the interest of time, we will submit questions to her in advance.

Please email any queries you may have to: president@dupont-circle.org

Please use as the subject: Speaker Questions

Further Reading

By Robin Diener

For those who are interested, here is an excerpt from a report of what I encountered this summer, as an observer of the DC government’s activities to gather public input about our education system. Some of you may know that my academic training is as a linguist and certified adult literacy teacher. I served as Director of the Washington Literacy Council for nearly a decade before my current job as a public library advocate. I must warn you, what I learned this summer left me stunned and sad that we have made so little progress over the last thirty years.

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Education Update

By Robin Diener...

Encouragingly, two major city-wide consultations were undertaken this summer. First, David Grosso, Chair of the Education & Library Committee of the DC Council, sponsored eight “youth-led” Education Town Halls at neighborhood libraries, one in each ward. Later, three DC Public School Chancellor Forums were held under the auspices of the Mayor’s Office to gather input on priorities for selecting the next Chancellor.

TheYouth Town Halls

These gatherings featured high school students as panelists voicing their own opinions. Outside of the panelists, however, few students attended. Audiences of 20-25 per ward consisted of local officials, political candidates, teachers, and parents. Chair Grosso personally attended and introduced all 8 sessions.The student panelists had been recommended by local institutions at the request of Grosso’s committee. Traditional public schools and charters were both represented. All the students were open and straightforward. They were supportive of each other, as well. Sadly, the young people had little positive to report about their education or school life. Their biggest concerns:

Lack of resources – schools lack computers, library books, AP classes, art, music, foreign language, after schools clubs, and sports teams.

Suspension – guidelines are unfair or unclear.

Lack of teachers, especially male teachers– many teachers leave after a few weeks or months, never to be replaced, and substitute teachers fill in for the remainder of the year. Panelists said more male teachers are needed in communities with fewer father figures.

Violence – is pervasive in many schools.

Uniforms – where required, are expensive, disliked, and often the cause of suspension. Kids get sent home for wearing the wrong shoes.

The Chancellor Forums

These were organized as round-table discussions, similar to Mayor Bowser’sannual budget town halls.Many parents attended, as well as teachers and officials.Each table was asked to consider several questions. Comments from the tables were delivered by a chosen representative. Each of the three events attracted 100-150 people. I attended 2 of the 3 events.

Attendees agreed on these three qualities /skills in a new Chancellor:

1) Visionary – inspiring yet pragmatic. “Something different needs to be done” but Chancellor must be able to articulate “how we get there.” Vision must center onequity and provide holistic and family oriented approach with wraparound services. Make all schools high performing – with the goal to abolish the lottery.

2) Teacher Committed – an administrator should have teaching experience and demonstrated teacher empathy with a goal to ensure trust.

3) DC Knowledgable – many felt strongly that first-hand experience of DC’s culture, geography, economic pressures and local political landscape is a priority.

My personal takeaway from the Youth-Led Town Halls was that these young people, and by extension countless others,have been cheated of the learning outcomes afforded by a stable and effective educational environment, such as they (and we) are owed by public education. The Chancellor Forums were forward focused and felt far more positive. However, they did not concretely address any of the problems raised by the kids in the earlier town halls. As far as I know, there was no cross pollination.

Read more about the three Chancellor Forums here:


Look for "Forum Notes PDF" in the far column under Materials .

Identify your priorities for a Chancellor in this survey:


Volunteers Needed to Maintain Neighborhood Parks

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Supporting Our Community

DCCA Community Grant Applications
DCCA makes grants from funds raised by the annual House Tour for the activities and projects of local organizations that further DCCA’s mission. Examples of recent DCCA grants include those to neighborhood organizations that serve individuals who are homeless or have mental illness, such as Charlie’s Place and Green Door, grants for programs and events to Dupont Circle Village and Dupont Festival, and a grant to the Ross Elementary School PTA for playground equipment.
DCCA’s Community Grants Policy and Grant Application Form are now available on the DCCA website. Applications for grants to support an organization’s ongoing activities are due by December 1st for consideration for funding at the Board of Director’s meeting in January.  Organizations may also submit grant applications for one-time events or needs throughout the year. The Board will act on such applications on a rolling basis, with decisions typically provided within two months.

2017 Cherry Blossoms by Phil Carney


2126 & 2128 N Street NW are two elegant buildings just outside the Dupont Circle Historic District, but within the Dupont Circle neighborhood.  They are slated for razing to make way for a larger condominium building to occupy their lots as well as two adjacent currently empty lots.  The new building promises to be a welcome addition to the neighborhood with its quality construction and luxury condominium units.

In line with the Dupont Circle Citizens’ Association’s (DCCA’s) firm belief in preserving the neighborhood’s  unique assets, as well as conserving the environment through ‘Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle’, DCCA has made arrangements with the developer, J Street Companies, to offer these buildings (or their ornate facades) to anyone promising to make good use of them in a residential or commercial application.  They’re free for the taking. 

The receiver of the buildings would be responsible for obtaining proper permits and arranging for the move, however DCCA and J Street Companies would be available to provide some guidance.

It’s anticipated that construction for the new building on the site will start in early June, so anyone interested needs to express their interest immediately.  We will forward inquiries on to J Street Companies.  Again, they are free for the taking.  And as the photo shows, could add considerable interest to any new construction project in the area.

Please contact DCCA at info@dupont-circle.org.

Upcoming Events

Fight Graffiti Vandalism and Keep our Dupont Neighborhood Beautiful

Graffiti vandalism is a major problem in our Dupont neighborhood and the District of Columbia. If not removed, graffiti is a visual blight; reduces property values; increases criminal activity and gives the impression to residents, businesses and visitors that we do not care about our neighborhood.  Dupont Circle Citizens Association (DCCA) is committed to maintaining and improving the quality of life for everyone in our neighborhood.  The best way to fight graffiti vandalism is prompt removal and, if needed, continual prompt removal. 

The DC government will remove or paint over graffiti vandalism on public space or private property.  Simply call 311 and provide a specific address.  To clean private property, the building owner’s permission is required before cleaning.  311 can provide the required private property permission formThe signed form must be faxed to (202) 645-5392.

Graffiti includes paint, gummed labels and pasted paper.

If you have any questions or want experienced graffiti fighting neighbors to help remove or paint over graffiti vandalism or want to help DCCA fight this neighborhood blight, please call Phil Carney at 202-462-2776.

Founded in 1922 in a townhouse at 1767 P Street, to promote and protect the interests of the residents, the Dupont Circle Citizens Association (DCCA) is the premier civic and residential organization in the Dupont Circle area.

DCCA brings neighbors, including residents, businesses and non-profit organizations, together to improve the quality of life in an active and diverse urban neighborhood. It holds membership meetings 9 times each year, which are open to the public, runs the Dupont Circle House Tour, resolves neighborhood issues through its committees, donates to local causes, and incubates innovative projects.

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